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Gran Canaria is not only beautiful beaches.

For travelers Gran Canaria is a very interesting place. In addition to wonderful beautiful beaches has equally beautiful mountains. You can go on a truly unforgettable trip. This is a trip for the brave. Although the roads to Gran Canaria are excellent then the roads in the mountains are a bit different. The point is not that they are bad quality is that they are quite steep. As someone has high anxiety we advise against. There are two most frequented routes. One is quite bearable even for those with heightened anxiety and the other only for those with strong nerves. The first goes out of Maspalomas or Vecindario and the second one (with little nervousness) leaves Mogan. If someone likes to walk the mountains, then everything is prepared here, short long trails as you prefer:

We will describe the safe route from Vecindario by Santa Lucia to San Bartolome de Tirajana, Rouge Nube, Valleseco, Teror and return to south by the motorway. Finally, we will post some photos from the courageous tour.

Why do we recommend the mountains? There is something incredible in that you can ride a car up to over 1800 m. There is something incredible in that you are leaving for one day trips all this tourist world with hotels, restaurants, beaches. It is also an unforgettable experience because along the way you have not only unforgettable views, but also breathtaking towns and villages. You change the world completely because here in the mountains there is no beach sand here you have a completely different climate and other vegetation. Everywhere is green, green, the plant is very lush like in tropical forest.

Almost immediately after leaving Vecindario you will come across this land of bush. The first steep sections of the road and the beautiful landscape will begin. Stop at the first possible viewing terrace and admire what you see.

mountain view In Gran Canaria green

mountain view for Canary Islands green slope

The first delightful town is Santa Lucia. The town's main market looks beautiful. It is covered with amazing vegetation and on the hill above it rises the majestic St. Lucia church. You can visit the archaeological museum and the old town in the center of town, have a coffee or eat something and feel the atmosphere of this place.

park in Santa Lucia in Gran Canaria with green plants and fountain is very sunny day

View mountain in Santa Lucia in Canary Islands with a lot of palms and withe buildings

Park in Santa Lucia with many palms, green, colours plants and building of museum Canary Islamds

View for white church in Santa Lucia in Canary and a lot of palms in the very green park

After crossing the next serpentine road you will reach San Bartolome the Tirajana.
Another charming town with very nice architecture of buildings, lots of small shops, bars and restaurants. Very often there are various kinds of concerts or events organized here. It's worth going up a bit and dive into this little town.

Continue driving to Tejeda and Rogue Nube and you should reach the parking at the beginning of the trail to the mountain peak. Roque Nube is considered one of the largest natural necks of the world. It is situated at 1,813 meters n.p.m. The natural monument of ancient importance. It is a former place of worship for the aborigines. This majestic neck is lower only from the highest point of the island of Gran Canaria, Las Nieves, at 1,949 meters high. You can go to this mountain peak, you have to overcome only about 1 km. Everything is very well marked.

Rouge Nube an old neck volcano in Canary Islands a big stone and green forest

View from Rouge Nube of  steep road in mountain and many green trees in Gran Canaria

After finishing the second highest peak of Gran Canaria, head to Valleseco.

Mountains in Gran Canaria in Canary Islands landscape of green field and braun mountains and overcast sky

If you are lucky at the Rogue Nube exit you can see what we / we suddenly found above the clouds. Amazing views. It will stretch before you panorama on Las Palmas. Valleseco did not visit because we thought so little interesting after seeing Santa Lucia and San Bartolome. But we went to Terror very carefully.

Road in the mountains in Gran Canaria and the clouds are below the road

Landscape mountain in Canary Islands and the clouds are below the car like in a haven

and amazing view for Las Palmas

View of Las Palmas from mountain

We will briefly describe our adventure on a slightly more dangerous route to Gran Canari Mountains ...
It started in Mogan village with a beautiful old windmill.

Old  white windmill in Mogan village

Next was only worse ... As for the road, of course. We saw the peak on which this road led.

Road in Gran Canaria mountain very narrow with amazing view

Looking upwards...

Mountain landscape with very narrow and dangerous road in Gran Canaria Canary Islands

Road in mountain Gran Canaria and landscape of  big mountain

Very narrow and with a lot of turns road in Gran Canaria mountain

After crossing some peaks by the same cool road we reached the beautiful lakes and dams where you could do a picnic.

Lake in mountain Gran Canaria and green landscape of mountain

Lake in mountain Gran Canaria and view of  green trees

and than picnic...

Place for picnic in Gran Canaria mountain

Was it worth it. Yes, yes. In spite of fear when nothing is seen behind the road, in spite of fear of other drivers, they are focused and drive safely. It was an amazing experience and nature rewarded us with unique views and beautiful weather. Remember that on such narrow roads when you are hidden behind a rock you must necessarily trumpet.

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