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What is the south of Gran Canaria really looking like?

We will show you what really is in the south of Gran Canaria...
There is is wild, not available, sometimes green and sometimes like a steppe. There are green, stone, multicolored peaks of inaccessible mountains. The plain looks like a steppe with lots of stones. Sometimes you can see the banana plantation but only where the man planted is green.The rest is empty, kilometers of hilly terrain covered with stones, boulders, shrubs and bushes. The vegetation of the south has adapted to tropical temperatures and no rain. Only in resorts, hotels, towns, we have a lush vegetation that everyone here care about. The southern cities are beautiful, green with lots of palm trees and colorful flowers or trees. Resorts contrast with this steppe landscape.
The coast is rocky and mountainous but the views are unforgettable. You need to go along the coast and see what the south of Gran Canaria looks like. The road leads through all the resorts, all the most beautiful corners, wild beaches hidden in the rocks but also we can see almost all the most beautiful beaches of the south.

Wild steppe, mountainous terrain ....

hill in south Gran Canaria with stone and bushes and brown sandWild, steppe terrain in Maspalomas with rocks and bushes Gran Canaria

Moons plain in Maspalomas.

Banana plantation, view of the stone slopes of the mountains of Gran Canaria

Banana plantation.

Stone slopes of hills with green bushes on Gran Canaria in the south

Cactus plantation on the hill.

The vertices of the brown mountains with the shadow falling on them, the color calamus on the tops in south Gran Canaria

Mountain landscape.

Tops of brown mountains covered with green bushes in the sun in the south of Gran Canaria Canary

Strange mountain landscape.

Banana plantation, covered with white tent, material fence in south Gran Canaria Canary Islands

Plantation of watermelons or melons

And amazing, very diverse south coast ....

A road with a hanging sandy rock on the coast of Gran Canaria Canary Islands

The road along the coast is plentiful in such views.

Beach called Playa De Cura, grey sand and view on blue ocean in rocky bay

Playa De Cura with grey sand but amazing bay.( Tauro )

The rocky mountainous coastline and the azure color of the ocean with clear water in the south of Gran Canaria

Palms and view on blue ocean on rocky cost Gran Canaria Canary Islands

Views and once more views ..

Garden in Puerto Ricko in Gran Canaria with palms , green grass and cascade withe buildings

Puerto Rico park.

Amoderas beach in sunset south Gran Canaria. Semi-circular bay with withe sand and azure water

Amadores beach sunset.

Hotel in construction on the slopes of the north of Gran Canaria

Hotel under construction.

Beach with white sand and turquoise water and rock coastline south Gran Canaria

Amadores beach with withe sand from Bahama

Road in rocky coast south Gran Canaria and view on blue ocean

Somewhere along the coast.

View on small town with white houses on the slop and bay with sandy beach and blue water in south Gran Canaria

Bay of Taurito.

View on blue water bay and rocky coastline in south Gran Canaria

Bay of Tauro.

View on brown mountain in sun from coastline road south Gran Canaria

Somewhere on the road along coastline.

Beach Mogan with yellow sand and azure water and pirate ship in south Gran Canaria

Beach in Mogan.

Rocky coast with brown hills and blue ocean in south Gran Canaria

Coastline...nothing to say..

Water Canal with clear water and view on town Puerto Rico in south Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico canal and cascade of white buildings.

Coastline with sign nudists beach and rock and palms in south Gran Canaria

Sign where to go...

Wild bay on rocks with azure water in south Gran Canaria

Turquoise water in wild bay.

Road on south Gran Canaria coast with sand stone Canary Islands

A Scenery from the road.

Stone landscape with a lot of kind rocks in south Gran Canaria Canary Islands

Lots of wild places.

Stone canal in Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria with very clear water and white apartments

Rocks in Puero Rico.

Road in south Gran Canaria and view on mountain and colorful vegetation in Canary Islands

Hotel on the beach and promenade to the beach with gray sand in south Gran Canaria Canary Islands

A hotel on a gray beach.

Palms on a background of brown and green hills in south Gran Canaria in Canary Islands

The best beach in south Gran Canaria with turquoise water and white sand in bay in Canary Islands

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